Tuesday, October 12, 2021

New Cellphone Policy

Dear members of the MPH community,

In the past ten years, cellphones have become ubiquitous, and the majority of teenagers own one. The research done on cellphones and teenagers shows two concerning trends: a decline in attention in the classroom, and a decline in mental health. In response to those concerns, and mindful that our previous honor system was not working, we have amended our cellphone policy to more clearly describe where, when and under what conditions cellphones can be used on campus. Here is the new policy, effective as of Wednesday, October 13, 2021:


Unless required for a specific class activity, as directed by a teacher or advisor, cellphones will remain in backpacks or lockers during class time, study hall, tutorial and advisory, and will not be visible or carried on a student’s body, or used in school hallways. 

Upper School students are granted the privilege to use their phones freely when outdoors, in the Phoenix student center, or in the McNeil student lounge, during breaks, free blocks, and lunch. 

Students who might need to use their cellphone at times to communicate with a parent/guardian must ask permission from a teacher. 

Cell phones used inappropriately or without permission will be confiscated until the end of the school day.