Monday, February 22, 2021

Socks, Hats, Gloves and Masks drive on Friday

A message from MPH4MPH:

Sock the Pandemic!

Hi MPH, because of your kind efforts we raised over 1,000 cans that provided over 980 meals to people in need last all school testing day. Let’s keep up this kindness by spreading warmth to our neighbors in need. When you come for your testing on Friday, please bring a hat, face mask, gloves, or socks in each hand to donate to the Good Samaritan Center in Syracuse. These items are among the most sought for right now with countless people needing protection from the extreme cold and the coronavirus. If you forget to bring it at the time of your testing, no worries! You can bring in these items anywhere from 8:00 to noon. All sizes are needed, but men's XL especially so. New or gently used items are welcome. So bring a sock, hat, glove, or mask in each hand when you come for COVID-19 testing on Friday, and let's Sock this Pandemic!!