Monday, August 20, 2018

New Dress Code

Dear MPH families,

With the input of students, parents, faculty and administrators, we tweaked the dress code for the year 2018-2019, as we do regularly, to align it with evolutions in fashion and social norms. We hope that our students will appreciate the new freedoms it affords them.

Our dress code is not optional, and membership at MPH requires adherence to all of its standards, including the dress code. We are committed to better enforcing it, and will continue to do so in partnership with parents. Enforcement of the dress code will most often take the form of polite conversations with students and communications with parents. Persistent neglect to abide by the dress code will result in conditionals and loss of privileges in the Middle and Upper School.

While any dress code will by its mere nature never fully satisfy each individual desire of each student, it is our hope that ours will be understood as a reasonable and acceptable compromise between community members of varied sensibilities, and reflect our school’s aspirations to dignity, respect and self-expression for all students.


Alex. Leclercq
Dean of Students