Friday, April 15, 2016

Cell Phone Policy Amendment

MPH' cell phone policy was amended last month in order to clarify under which conditions our students can access their cell phones while on campus, and what happens if they do not respect those conditions.

Our intention is to keep screen time to a minimum during the school day (8:10-3:05), and to encourage genuine face to face interactions among our students. We expect Upper School students to set an example of healthy restraint in their use of this technology for their younger classmates.

We welcome parents' support and ask you to refrain from texting or calling students while they are in class, unless it is an emergency. Urgent phone messages left at the front desk will be communicated to students promptly and without disrupting classes.

The information contained in the following policy was presented to Middle- and Upper-School students in assembly:


Students at MPH are permitted to use cellphones for ACADEMIC PURPOSES only. This means that they can use their phones as planners, calendars, to research topics etc. as necessary.

They may not use their cell phones to make calls, text, access social media, or play games during the school day unless it is for use in academic work and has been approved by a teacher, or they are Upper School students in a designated area.

Middle and Lower School students must always ask permission from a teacher to use their cellphone.

Upper School students are granted the privilege to use their phones freely when outdoors, in the Phoenix Student Center or in the student lounge. 

Cellphones used inappropriately or without permission will be confiscated until the end of the school day".