Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MUN Conference in Montreal

From the MPH news Digest:

On November 12-15, 2015, the MPHMUN team traveled to and competed in the prestigious Montreal International Model United Nations Conference, sponsored by McGill University. Over 1,200 students were in attendance for this debate conference. Over 60 high schools were represented, coming from four different nations.
The MPH MUN team performed spectacularly well, garnering 11 major awards! Director of the MPH MUN program Jeff Mangram remarked, “We only brought 19 students to the conference, and given that 11 of them earned major awards, that shows that preparation and paying attention to details is THE difference! The students came in on the weekends and worked after school to prepare. This is the biggest MUN conference in Canada.” He went on to say “I thought the Seniors, Adam Oliver and Dan Albanese as well as some of the Juniors, Faras Awa, Julia Walsh and Zachary Montas, did a nice job leading the group. We are a young team this year and still the students brought a focus and seriousness of purpose to everything they do—that can, and will, lead to incredible results. I am going to continue to demand excellence from the team! I am going to continue to demand that the students exemplify the 5C’s: Character, Caring, Chemistry, Commitment, and Competence in everything that we do!”

The following students won awards:

Adam Oliver — in the prestigious Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General earned Honorable Mention.

Theo Eckstein —representing Haiti in the Disarmament and International Security Committee earned Honorable Mention

Jasmine Collins—representing India in the United Nations General Assembly earned the Nellie McClung Award for Advocacy

Aiden Meyer—representing Mauritius in the Commonwealth heads of Government Meeting earned the Book Award

Nicholas Jerge—portraying Nikolay Skvortsov in the Russia WWII simulation earned the Book Award.

Julia Walsh—portraying Lu Wei in the Hacking Wars simulation earned the Book Award.

Annie Weiss—representing India in the International Civil Aviation Organization earned the Nellie McClung Award for Advocacy

Will Kovarik—portraying Aizawa Yasushi in the Edo Bakufu Samurai Committee earned Honorable Mention

Faras Awa— representing the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA Committee earned Honorable Mention

Trilok Reddy—portraying Ignacio Salvaral in the Spanish Conquest Crisis Committee earned the Lester B. Pearson Award for Peacemaking

Dan Albanese—representing India in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations earned Honorable Mention

(Photos courtesy of Annie Weiss)