Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MPH Dress Code

As many are probably starting to shop for school, keep in mind that MPH has a dress code. Its intent is to project civility and respect for the school and its diverse population, as well as to allow students enough space to express their individuality.

The most common dress code violations last year were the following: T-shirts, sweat shirts, leggings, short shorts and mini skirts, none of which are in dress code at MPH. Dress code violations are communicated to parents via email, and if repeated, lead to a temporary loss of privilege or added duty for the student.

The MPH dress code is not meant to be completely static, but aims to keep in touch with social norms of professionalism. If students feel that a certain item of the dress code is antiquated, they are encouraged to organize, build an argument, and petition the Dean of Students.

Please read the dress code carefully before school starts.