Monday, October 6, 2014

New Food and Drink Policy

Our Food and Drink policy was amended in the Parent Student Handbook. Among other things, it sets expectations as to how Dining Hall food should be transported to club meetings, and clarifies where food in general can be consumed on campus. It also lifts the prohibition on chewing gum for Middle and Lower School students: 

"In addition to a daily lunch, snacks are available to Middle and Upper School students in the Campus Shop and the Dining Hall. Eating is restricted to the Dining Hall, outside, and the Student Centers. 

During lunch, food and/or drinks are not allowed in classrooms, except when arranged by a teacher for a class, a club or an organization. Food taken out of the Dining Hall during lunch must be carried in a to-go container, along with disposable silverware. Plates, glasses, bowls and metal silverware may not leave the Dining Hall. 

Only portable food and items purchased from the Campus Shop may be eaten in the Phoenix Student Center. Seniors bringing food from off campus are the only students allowed to eat lunch in the McNeil Student Center. 

Because of concerns about allergies and nutrition, MPH will not hold bake sales. The MPH Middle and Upper School are peanut and tree nut aware. Students may not bring food items that include these ingredients for class parties or any other class activities where food is shared".

(Food and Drinks, Parent Student Handbook p 25)