Friday, April 11, 2014

Questions on the New Dress Code

-"What's a finished neck-line?"
- Previously our Dress Code required that boys wear a shirt with a collar, and girls wear a shirt with a finished neckline. Now the rule is the same for boys and girls: "Shirts must have a collar or a finished neckline."
Many have then asked me: “What’s a finished neckline?” Basically, it is anything that is not a T-shirt neckline (V or crew neck).
Note that wearing a T-shirt under a dress shirt, a polo, a pullover, a cardigan or a sport coat is acceptable, as all these do have finished necklines.

-"What's the authorized skirt length now?"
- Previously our Dress Code required that dresses, skirts, and shorts be at knee length. The new Dress code does not have a length requirement for dresses, skirts, and shorts. That said the following rule still holds: "Clothes must cover shoulders, thighs, stomach and chest". If the Duchess of Cambridge can do it, we can do it...

In doubt remember the spirit of the Dress Code: wear "neat, clean and appropriate" clothing in order to reflect well on our community.