Monday, March 17, 2014

The Green Avengers

Started in the Fall of 2012 by Cassie P., Hannah L., Leigh P., Lizzie D. and Meghan C., and emerging from a trip to the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit (generously funded by an anonymous MPH parent every year), the Green Avengers aims to inform and educate the MPH community about sustainability and climate change, and to reduce our school's carbon footprint. 

One of the goals of the Green Avengers is to enact change here on the MPH campus. They are the ones organizing our bi-annual locker cleanup and recycle in partnership with the Mary Nelson Youth Center on the South Side of Syracuse. Last spring, the cleanup yielded more than 500 discarded books and countless school supplies, which were ultimately donated to the Fowler School District. The Green Avengers also pushed MPH to start using power strips equipped with timers in the library and in the computer lab to conserve energy when school is not in session.

This year, the Green Avengers have organized two film screenings in the student lounge during Turorial: The Story of Stuff and Inside Chipolte, to show what impact our consumption choices have on the environment, and to highlight more sustainable business practices. They invited Green Party congress candidate Ursula Rozum to speak at this week's US Assembly on the subject of consumerism, and environmental and humanitarian externalities, particularly in South America.
The Green avengers made a presentation about their initiatives to the Board of Trustees and during MPH Open House, to prospective parents.

Seniors Hannah L. and Leigh P. have made their leadership of the Green Avengers into their Senior Thesis Project.

 Some of the current members of the Green Avengers at the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit

The Green Avengers in the News

If you are interested joining the Green Avengers, please contact Mrs. Foster.