Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)

MVP is an MPH club and a national organization, which aims to raise awareness on issues of gender stereotypes, sexism, domestic violence, sexual abuse and to break the stigma attached to speaking out on these issues. It meets every Day 5 during lunch in the Health room.

Its core goals are to:
- Raise awareness
- Challenge thinking
- Open dialogue
- Create empowered bystanders

 MPH students can join MVP as soon as their sophomore year, after they have completed six mandatory sessions of an intense training program developed in partnership with Tiphany Brick from Vera House in their 10th grade Health class.

They are leaders in their community, and provide their schoolmates with the necessary tools to stand up against abuse.

MVP members will prepare and teach a segment of 8th grade Health class each semester, on the subject of gender stereotypes and verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Every year, they also organize a school-wide volleyball tournament to raise awareness on those subjects. This week, they are the ones who brought us Dawn, our assembly speaker, herself a ex-victim of physical abuse, who gave a stunning presentation, and gave us the tools to recognize and react to abuse. On occasion, MVP members also lead dialogue sessions for younger audiences in other private and public schools in the Greater Syracuse area.

 Some MVP members use their expertise to design their Senior Thesis Projects. This year, Alexus M. and Julia L. work with the Head of Middle School, Mrs. Hoekstra, to sensitize 6th graders to issues of abuse and to teach them to become empowered bystanders. Adhana A. and Leah M. are designing a short film on the same subject to show 8th graders when they’ll teach their Health class.

 Julia L. And Lucy Z. made this short film in February for Healthy Teen Relationship Month:

MVP Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month 2014 from Manlius Pebble Hill School on Vimeo.

MVP in the news: Manlius Pebble Hill Students Lead the Charge Against Domestic Violence in CNY

If you want to join or have any questions about MVP, please contact Mrs. Luke-Houseman.