Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Community Wide Dialogue

There are several leadership groups students can join at MPH: Student Council, National Honor Society, Student Faculty Judicial Committee, Mentors for Violence Prevention, and Community Wide Dialogue are some of the most popular and well established.

Community Wide Dialogue (CWD) keeps our students connected with students from city schools, and encourages friendship and understanding across socio-economic and racial divides.

MPH and Henninger students circles last Friday at Henninger Highschool 

"Through dialogue, students examine the viewpoints of others regarding stereotypes, social justice issues, privilege and racism. Dialogue occurs in small groups consisting of students from MPH and Henninger High School from the City of Syracuse. Students circles are lead by peer facilitators who have previously completed the program".

If you want to know more about CWD, please contact Mrs. Kraus or Ms. Kinneally.