Sunday, November 24, 2013

The First MPH Skinny Tie

Gentlemen, you own an MPH tie, but can't help feeling a bit out of step with fashion when you wear it?
Skinny ties are in, but MPH ties are wide... That's unfortunate. 
Here is the first MPH skinny tie, which reconciles MPH pride with 21st century fashion.

This is how to make it:

Choose a tie of appropriate width as model:

Turn your MPH tie around and cut the loose stitching in the back, as well as the label's stitching:

Unfold the tie completely, and observe its construction (you're going to have to put it back together):

Cut the inside felt form to the same size as the desired model, and cut the same amount of silk on each side:


Put the felt back in the tie, fold it with an iron, and saw it back together by hand with a needle and thread:

Et voilĂ :