Sunday, November 3, 2013

MPH Outdoors Club at Highland Forest

Mr. Leclercq,
     Here are a few pictures from the Outdoors Club trip to the 20th annual Scout-O orienteering competition at Highland Forest held by the CNY Orienteering Club. The Competition was a two day event and the MPH club attended the saturday educational portion. In the morning, we took an instructed hike, brushed up on our map reading skills as well as a bunch or orienteering jargon like "handrail," "reentrant" and "catching feature." We learned to take bearings and find the easiest routes through the forest, crossing over streams and through gullies to find orange and white bags hanging from trees where we punched our cards and moved on. We ate lunch and then completed our own two kilometer, eight bag orienteering course in just over an hour. Everyone was interested and helpful, we all learned a lot and the trip was a great success. 
See you tomorrow!
     Hamish Gibbs