Friday, November 8, 2013

EFWA Holiday Food Drive

During the holiday season, the Eastern Farm Workers Association, (based in downtown Syracuse), hosts a Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution, which provides meals for low-wage and migrant workers in the Syracuse area. This distribution is a very important event for many low-income members of the EFWA, who may not even have the funds to provide food for themselves and their families on a regular basis, let alone to buy special foods for the holidays. Thus, providing holiday foods for these workers and their families is a significant part of what the EFWA strives to do for its members, and it is usually possible through the 'Trick-or-Treat for Farm Workers' food drive that the EFWA hosts each October. This year, however, that food drive was made impossible by conflicting events going on in the Syracuse community, and thus the EFWA is in desperate need of holiday foods for their distribution. To help out, MPH is hosting a holiday food drive over the next few weeks- the food from which will all be delivered to the EFWA for packaging and distribution by November 24.

In the weeks between now and then, we ask for donations of non-perishable food items that people might look for during the holiday season. A complete list of the items needed can be seen below, (although any non-perishable holiday foods not included on the list are also welcome).

All donations must be brought to the reception office at MPH by November 23, and all will be greatly appreciated, not only by the EFWA, but by the low-income families who will receive them during the distribution. Thank you in advance to anyone who finds time to bring in food this holiday season!

Sophia May

Items Urgently Needed:
-stuffing mix
-gravy mix
-canned yams
-brown sugar
-juice (mixes)
-canned fruit
-cranberry sauce
-pie crust
-pudding mix
-dessert mixes
-canned frosting
-cooking oil
-sweet pickles
-diet soda
-coffee (instant or beans)
-hot cocoa (powder mix)
-tea: reg & decaf
-snack mixes

Other supplies needed:
-aluminum foil
-packing tape
-scotch tape
-foil pans
-zip-lock bags
-holiday design table cloths
-holiday design plates & napkins
-holiday cards & envelopes