Monday, October 21, 2013

For the parents: MPH Partnership Agreement

Dear Parents,

We work with you as a team toward the same goal: providing your child(ren) with the best possible learning environment so that they can achieve success. This partnership is delineated in the Parent/Student Handbook under the title "MPH Partnership Agreement". Here it is:
"MPH Partnership Agreement

MPH expects parents to work together with the School in the following:

- Supporting MPH’s mission to be an inclusive, diverse community of learners and educators.

- Treating all members of the MPH community with respect and civility.

- Respecting the School’s responsibility, as an educational institution, to do what is best for the entire school community.

- Communicating promptly and truthfully with each other about the child’s experience; to address all concerns directly to the appropriate person(s). 

- Resolving concerns and conflicts in the spirit of partnership and objectivity, recognizing that there are at least two sides to every problem.

- Upholding the confidentiality of all aspects of a student’s experience at MPH, including grades and assessments.

- Supporting a home environment that assures monitored access to electronic media and that encourages the development of positive learning attitudes and habits, including consistent and punctual attendance at school.

- Maintaining a culture of high moral and academic expectations.

- Cultivating in children an evolving and developmentally appropriate independence.

- MPH strives to be a community in which people feel comfortable communicating with each other, whether the communication is a recommendation, an observation, or a complaint. Stress-free communication can be difficult for any institution to achieve, but a satisfactory outcome can be advanced through the use of appropriate channels. Direct communication will often solve a problem or misunderstanding. Whether or not direct communication brings a satisfactory outcome, it is especially important to avoid spreading complaints through rumors or hearsay. When engaging in appropriate communication and shunning rumors, adults model respectful behavior for the students whose growth is the prime concern of every educator and parent.
Those with concerns should approach first the teacher involved, then, if necessary, the Department Chair and Division Head. Any concerns that have not been satisfactorily resolved with an individual teacher or with a Department Head or Division Head may be brought to the Head of School. 
While parents or guardians may not agree with every decision made by the School, in most cases, the parent and School will find enough common ground to continue a mutually respectful relationship.  In the extreme case, however, an impasse may be so severe that the parent cannot remain a constructive member of the community. In such a case, both the parent and the School should consider whether another school would be a better match for the family".